Word File Repair Tool

Microsoft Word is an advanced and most popular word processor tool designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. Word comes both as a standalone application and included in the Microsoft Office suit for the benefit of users. It offers more secure way to store digital information on your computer. It empowers you to create visually rich documents, brochures, organizational charts, novels, term papers and newsletters with utmost ease. The powerful user interface of the software provides users with the easy way to manipulate the layering of text, pictures, shapes and smartArt in a document. These stunning and outstanding features have made Microsoft Word as the most widely used text editor over the globe. But alike all other documents, Word file also gets corrupted or damaged under many circumstances. If the Word file gets corrupted then you may experience freezing of Word file, crashes and finally the document refuses to open even after several attempts. Every attempt made to open such file ends up in throwing error messages warning you about the corruption of Word file leading to inaccessibility. Inaccessibility of the Word file creates data loss by wasting hours of your hard work. What will you do in such critical situation? Will you allow your important data to go away? Don’t get tensed. In such unfortunate situations make use of Microsoft Word file fixer that has a potential to fix Microsoft Word file that has been damaged.

The reasons responsible for corruption of Word file are mentioned below:

  • Header Corruption: Header is the most vital part of the file as it gives out all essential details about particular file. Corruption of header makes your file inaccessible and unusable. Generally corruption of header takes place when the system shuts down abnormally when you are working with the document. Similarly, usage of corrupted or pirated versions of third party header editor software to manipulate the header information damages it leaving the file in inaccessible state. However Word file repair tool can easily help you in fixing the error
  • Virus Attack: Virus is the most serious and dangerous external threat to the Word file. Macro Virus is the conventional computer viruses that mainly target and corrupt the Word document by taking the advantage of the structure and functionality of the Word file. Sometimes use of macros in your document bring in macro viruses when you import the macros from one document to other document. Thus a macro virus which replicates and trigger when certain event occurs makes the file inaccessible. However, by using this Microsoft Word file fixer toolkit you’ll be able to fix Microsoft Word document created using various versions of Word application including 2000, 2003,2007 and Word 2010. To know more visit: http://www.repaircorruptedwordfile.com/2010-document.html
  • File Format Cycling: This is the most common reason behind corruption of Word document. It happens when you convert the document from one format to other format on a continuous basis. For instance changing the doc format to Rtf to doc format or changing from word to excel format and again back to word format. This process is known as file format cycling. This course of action severely corrupts the Word file and finally makes it inaccessible. Even in this case you can make use of Word file repair tool and repair corrupted Word file.
  • Abrupt Shut Down of a System: Improper way of shutting down the system when the Word file is in processing mode damages the file and makes it inaccessible. Abrupt shutdown occurs when there is a sudden power surge or hardware problem. If your system shuts down continuously when you are working with Word document, then in that case your file gets severely corrupted leading to inaccessibility.

Therefore, in order to avoid such circumstances it is very important to take necessary precautionary measures. Some of the precautionary measures are mentioned below:

  • Use powerful and updated anti-virus application to get rid of dangerous viruses.
  • Never use pirated or outdated versions of third party applications to perform any file related operations.
  • Use unlimited power supply to avoid abrupt shutdown of a system from frequent power outages.

Hence, even after following above precautionary measures if you are not able to protect your Word file from getting corrupted or damaged then the only way is to take the assistance of Word file repair tool and instantly fix Microsoft Word document on your computer. This professional Microsoft Word file fixer software is specially designed with powerful built-in algorithms that have an ability to fix Word file will not open due to corruption or damage from some unforeseen situations. Along with the text, it also collects other Word file items if found and save them to the repaired file.

The easy-to-use interface of this Microsoft Word file fixer software allows any layman to fix damaged Word file with utmost ease. It can fix damaged 2007 Word file and additionally, it can repair corrupt Word 2000 document on Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008. For more information click here. It can also perform crashed document recovery and also retrieve those documents that were broken due to some unforeseen reasons. Consumer can even use this utility for extracting text from corrupt Word file. Refer this site www.repaircorruptedwordfile.com/extract-text.html to read more about text recovery from corrupted Word file.

Simple steps to repair Word document:

1: Install and launch the trial version of Microsoft Word file fixer app to explore the main window as shown in Fig A. Click on "Browse " button to choose the path of Word file to be repaired.

Microsoft Word File Fixer - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

2: After loading corrupted Word file, "Repair" button will be enabled. Click on enabled Repair button. As soon as the repair button is clicked the software will start scanning in order to fix Microsoft Word document as shown in Fig B.

Microsoft Word File Fixer - Scanning Process

Fig B: Scanning Process

3: Soon after the completion of scanning process, you will get a repaired file as shown in Fig C. Preview repaired file. If you are happy with the repair results, buy the complete version of the software and save the file.

Microsoft Word File Fixer - Repaired File

Fig C: Repaired File