How to Repair Word File Error?

In this corporate world, Microsoft Word tool is the most popular documentation software that is designed and introduced by Microsoft Incorporation. MS Word comes along with the package of Microsoft Office suit. There are various versions of Word such as Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and Word 2010, it employs DOC and DOCX file format for saving the documents which are created by the use of Word application. Word documents are employed in the field of both business and education.

Think about a situation wherein you have prepared a detailed documentation of your seminar by using Word where the file is saved in DOCX file format. When you tried opening the Word file, an unexpected error stating that “Word cannot open the file: user does not have access privileges” was displayed. This means that your Word document has got corrupted and made your Word file inaccessible. You must be tensed as the Word file was really important. What could be done now?? Is there any specific tool that can repair Word file error and help you out to access your valuable data? Yes there is!!! Word repair tool is the most powerful repairing software that knows how to repair Word file error. This utility can fix cant open Word file with error and make it accessible to its user. Check out with the given link't-open.html to gain more knowledge about this Word file fixer.

Possible error messages that you may encounter while opening Word file are like “MS Word cannot access read-only document.”, “DOCX file is not in Recognizable format.”, “The document name or path is not valid.”, There was an error opening the file.”, “MS Office has stopped working.”, “name.doc file cannot be opened, etc. All of these error messages indicate that your Word file is damaged or corrupted and this Word file cannot be opened until you fix error Word file. By using our repair program, you can fix Word document error and make the corrupted or damaged Word file reusable.

Common reasons for Word file corruption can be given as:

  • Continuously converting Word document from one format to another and again back to its previous format might corrupt your important Word file and make it unreadable and unable to open by the user. And, this would further cause huge loss of information that is stored in it. If you are thinking about how to repair Word file error, then make use of this Word repairing software.
  • When your computer gets infected by harmful and deadly macro viruses, then it would cause damage to the existing Word files and lead to inaccessibility of file thereby resulting in file loss. But, by using Word repair tool you can fix Word file error easily with accuracy. But, you can efficiently repair Word file error, by using this repair toolbox.
  • When you are working on your Word application, if suddenly your computer gets terminated due to power failure then it results in improper closure of Word file on which you were working that causes Word file corruption. By using this repair tool, it is very simple to fix Word document error.

Basic Precautions to be followed:

  • You must never close your Word file improperly as it might damage your particular Word document.
  • It is important that you must keep your computer free from malicious viruses by scanning it regularly by the use if effective anti-virus scanning software.
  • Create a backup of all the important files, and store them in some reliable data storage device.

Features of Word repair software:

  • The tool can repair Word file error created on MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 easily and accurately at your fingertips. Thus, it can repair corrupted Word 2007 file on Windows easily, just click this to know more.
  • This application can repair both .doc and .docx file after corruption or damage.
  • It repairs the damaged Word documents and displays the copy of it without changing the source Word file and ensures that your original file is safe.
  • Easy to use and trust worthy software that has potential to mend corrupted DOCX files on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Win 8 computers.
  • You can even extract text from corrupt Word file by using this smart utility. Wanna know how? Then follow the given link:

Note: Most of the time it has been seen that when you try to open Word file it shows error such as unreadable text. You can fix this error with the help of this useful tool in a very simple manner. To know how, go ahead with this tool to repair and open unreadable Word file.

Easy steps to Fix Word document error:

Step1: Download trial version of Word repair software and install it on the hard disk of your Windows computer. Then run the tool and select “Browse” option to choose the Word file with error and then click on “Repair” button to repair Word file error as in Figure 1.

Repair Word File Error - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step2: After repair, you can preview the file by using “Preview” option to check whether the data is extracted effectively as in Figure 2.

Repair Word File Error - Preview File

Figure 2: Preview File

Step3: Now, if you want to save the previewed Word file, you can activate the trial version. Once you activate the software, the “Save” option will get enabled. Save the repaired Word file on your computer as in Figure 3.

Repair Word File Error - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File