Repair Corrupted Word File

Repair Word Docx File:

Microsoft Word documents hold great significance in our lives. Every person needs word documents for one reason or the other. For most of the personal to professional works we require word documents such as business letters, invitations, term papers, novels, resumes etc. MS word is accepted as a standard for creating professional documents due to its advance features. Word documents hold most of the corporate information.  In such case losing the information due to corruption of word Docx is something that we never even imagine.
Imagine that you have saved all the data regarding an important official event in a word Docx file and that word Docx file gets corrupted and refuses to open.

What will be the first thing that comes to your mind?

The first thing that comes to your mind in such situation is - How to get back your lost data? Don’t worry.  Just relax because there is still a way to get back lost data from corrupted Docx file.  Word Docx files get easily corrupted or damaged due to various reasons like virus attack or file system corruption. When such things happen, in spite of losing heart just look for a solution. You can retrieve your lost data by fixing corrupted word Docx file with the help of software to repair damaged DOCX file .

Various causes for Word Docx File corruption:

  • Virus/Malware: Macro viruses are the major cause for word Docx file corruption. Downloading any infected document file from internet containing Macro Viruses, results in the corruption and damage to all other document files.
  • Abrupt system shutdown: If your computer shuts down suddenly due to power failure or disk crash while working with a MS Word Docx file, it results in corruption and inaccessibility of Docx files.
  • Damaged file media: Copying and saving a word Docx file from a damaged external storage media also results in the corruption and malfunctioning of Docx file due to file system corruption.

In order to avoid loss of data due to corruption of word Docx file you should always try to keep the proper backup of your important Docx files in some external storage device. But if do not have the backup of important Docx files then you need to repair your corrupted Docx files with Damaged Word file Repair tool. You can comfortably use this tool to repair corrupted word file Docx in all above stated situations. The software can repair Word file error and helps you to access the lost data. This competent software is specifically designed by industry experts to repair and ultimately recover text, hyperlinks and OLE objects from corrupt or damaged Docx files.  

With the help of this tool you can easily fix damaged DOCX file on Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & 2003 machines. It can effectively repair DOCX file on Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 damaged or corrupted due to virus attack or any other problem with Microsoft Word. This repair word software is widely recommended to retrieve data from corrupted MS Office 2010 Word file along with MS Office 2003 and 2007. Software is also available in a trial version. You can use the trial version of this software to evaluate its performance. After the successful accomplishment of repair process, you can preview the recovered data from the corrupted Docx file and can save the recovery result.

Few simple steps to Repair corrupted word file Docx:

1: Download and launch the trial version of repair corrupted Word file tool, welcome window pops up as shown in Figure I. Click on Browse button to select the path of damaged DOCX file.

Repair corrupted word file Docx  - Welcome Window

Figure I: Welcome Window

2: Upon loading the corrupted Word DOCX file, Repair button will be enabled for you. Click on which to proceed with file repair. Software starts scanning the damaged file as shown in Figure II.

Repair corrupted word file Docx  - Scanning Word File

Figure II: Scanning DOC File

3: After completion of scanning and repair process, you will get an option to preview the repaired DOCX file as shown in Figure III.

Repair corrupted word file Docx  - Preview Option

Figure III: Preview Option

4: Preview the repaired file. If you are happy with it, then buy the software to save the repaired Word.doc file.