How to Zip Word Document???

If you are a computer user and want to compress Word documents so that its size can be reduced then you might be looking for a tool which can help you out to compress your file. However, there are many tools which can be used to zip your Word files, but Remo MORE is one of the best software that is developed with special features, which helps users to compress their document files with ease.  Thus, if you are one of those who are searching the best compressor then Remo MORE could be the best option for you.

Generally people need to compress documents to save their storage space. If you have a collection of a lot of document files on your system then it takes a large amount of space and you might run out of hard drive memory space. Apart from this, it has been noticed that when you need to send large sized files through mail, then due to size limit you would not able to do so because of its size. On such occasions, compressing doc files is the best option for you, which can dramatically reduce your file size.

There are many ways you can compress your document files on your computer, one of those is by making use of system’s inbuilt compression tool. But, chances are there that compressing files using such types of tool can lead to data loss from doc file. Hence to avoid such type of data loss you should make use of a reliable tool which can compress your files with ease in just a fraction of second without any data loss. When it comes to compress document files, without data loss, then the picture of Remo MORE flashes into the minds of users. This is one of the reliable tools which ensure that there is no data loss while compressing documents. It provides you a perfect solution to your question on how to compress DOC file without any content loss.

How Remo MORE Works?

This highly popular tool is developed with an advanced and reliable algorithm which uses the standard compressing method defined by industry specifications. It gives you a range of choice to select from for compressing your document files. Its working method is extremely simple and it can be used by any person and does not require any special skills to operate it. First of all you need to locate your file which you want to compress using MORE and then after this you need to provide compressed file name and type of compression method. Once you are done with this you can simply press compress button to produce compressed file of selected doc files. Yes, it is. This application provides you a step by step guide on how to Zip Word document and make compression process easy and effective. It has become a popular among the users because of its reliable and free availability for use.

Procedure on how to compress DOC file with the help of Remo MORE:

1: To start compressing process, first you need to download and install Remo MORE on your computer and once you are done with installation process launch the tool and select Manage option form main screen of MORE.  After this, select Compress & Burn option form it as shown in figure 1.

How to Compress Doc File - Welcome Window

Figure I: Welcome Window

2: Now, from this screen you need to choose Zip option. And, from next screen choose Create New RZip File option as shown in figure 2 and provide name of compressed file and type of compression method.

How to Compress Doc File - Select Create New RZip File option

Figure II: Select Create New RZip File option

3: From this screenshot of MORE, you need to select files which you want to compress by pressing Add Files options and then click on Compress button shown in figure 3.

How to Compress Doc File - Add Files and Tap on Compress Button

Figure III: Add Files and Tap on Compress Button

4: As soon as you click on Compress option, MORE starts compressing your doc files and once it is completed you will get a completion message as shown in figure 4.

How to Compress Doc File - Confirmation Message

Figure Iv: Confirmation Message